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Sophos Web Gateway WS1100
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Enterprise-grade secure web gateway - Sophos Central simplicity

The web is the number one source of threats, with 80% of them coming from legitimate, trusted sites. Sophos Web Gateway provides security, visibility, and control for all your desktop PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices, regardless of how or where they access the web. And you get the simple, elegant management experience that is Sophos Central.

Sophos XG Firewalls Stack

Advanced web protection from today’s threats

Advanced web protection engine intelligently scans web content, blocks the latest zero-day web threats and provides malware defense using a variety of advanced techniques - and not just for HTTP and HTTPS traffic, but other types of network traffic as well. And you don’t need to worry about slowing users down. Our global network of data centers ensures your web traffic is analyzed quickly and transparently without any noticeable latency.

Big-data, cloud-powered reporting

With Sophos Web Gateway you get big-data reporting without the need for onsite servers or management overhead. Take advantage of unrivaled insight into network analytics, applications and threats in order to keep your sensitive data safe, control costs and comply with regulations.

Effortless to deploy, simple to manage

Sophos Central sets the standard for how IT security should be managed - simply and effectively. Sophos Central brings endpoint, mobile, server, email, and web security together in a single, truly integrated management console - a first in the industry. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes with Sophos Web Gateway. And you’ll be able to effortlessly expand your cloud-managed security any time you want.

Simple but powerful policy control

Sophos Central was built from the ground up, making powerful policy settings easy and intuitive. You get all the tools you need to easily customize policies to meet compliance obligations, manage productivity, optimize bandwidth, control applications, protect data and keep your users and organization safe online.

Reliable enforcement on the go

Don’t entrust enforcement to just anyone. At Sophos, mobile device management and endpoints are part of our DNA. Whether your users have a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Chromebook, you can be confident policy is being enforced 24/7. Enforcement is all thanks to an integrated agent with sophisticated tamper protection safeguards that even keep rogue users compliant.

Advanced Web Protection Made Simple

Get the ultimate in web security, control, and insights. It’s web protection that’s effective, affordable, and easy with lightning performance that won’t slow users down.

  • Easy Deployment
    With Sophos Web Appliance, you’ll find it’s easy to get up and running quickly, including easy AD synchronization.
  • Easy Management
    We’ve optimized all the daily workflow routines, not only making them intuitive, but also by streamlining everything. You’re never more than a few clicks away from adjusting a policy or running a report.
  • Remotely Monitored
    Your appliance is closely monitored around the clock - a service unique to Sophos. If there's a problem with your Sophos Web Appliance, we'll probably know before you do and we'll be on top of it before you even need to call.

Security and Protection

  • Intelligent scanning engine scans all web code and scripts without impacting performance
  • Automated threat updates, multiple times per day
  • Real-time site reputation data
  • Live Protection provides real-time cloud lookups for the latest threats
  • Automatically detects anonymizing proxies in real-time
  • Identification and reporting on 500+ app usage
  • Scans HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, SMTP, UDP, and DNS network traffic
Instant Visibility with Web Gateway

Policy and Control

  • Policies by users or groups
  • Over 90 site categories
  • IP and domain-based gateway exclusions
  • Configurable SSL scanning
  • Configurable end-user privacy settings
  • Granular application control
  • DLP detects keywords, data types (e.g., PII) or regular expressions
  • DLP templates aid compliance with PCI, Profanity (CIPA), HIPAA, etc.

Deployment and Directory Service Integration

  • Support for Windows (7 and above), OS X (10.8 and above), iOS (4 and above), and Chromebook
  • Automated Active Directory synchronization
  • Manual user setup with automatic registration
  • Data residency in the USA or Europe

User Experience

  • Fully customizable user notification pages
  • User feedback option on blocked pages with simple workflow for administrator review


  • Over 10 worldwide locations
  • Fast Lane technology intelligently routes traffic to the optimal Sophos gateway to enhance download speeds
  • 100% uptime network


  • Over 100 different network and threat reports
  • Detailed user reporting by category, apps, threats, bandwidth and more
  • Detailed network activity logs with source and destination IP, URL, protocol, port, ISP, and more
  • Export report data to PDF or CSV Management
  • Web-based management console via Sophos
  • Offers integrated management of endpoint, mobile, server, and web security
  • Manage alerts and issues

Advanced Protection

You get advanced protection from targeted threats and ransomware.

SophosLabs Threat Intelligence

Great web malware protection starts with our world-class in-house threat researchers that are working around the clock with advanced automation to identify and stay ahead of the latest threats.

Advanced Web Malware Protection

Only Sophos uses advanced technology like real-time JavaScript emulation, behavioral analysis, context sensitive inspection, and dynamic URL analysis for both HTTP and HTTPS.

Live Web Protection

SophosLabs provides continual intelligence on the latest malware hosting, phishing and distribution sites, anonymizing proxies and other risky sites. Only Sophos provide updates in real-time via their Live Protection network.


Sophos Web Gateway

Hardware Appliance Models

WS150 WS500 WS1100 WS5000
Concurrent users 150 500 1,100 5,000
Processor ULV Dual Core Dual Core Quad Core Dual Hexa-Core
Hard drive 500 GB 250 GB 1 TB 4x 1TB (RAID 10)
Power supply Single 100/240V Single 100/240V Single 100/240V Dual Redundant hot-swap 460W 100/240V

Sophos Web Appliance Datasheet

Additional hardware information

  • Installation: 1U rack mount
  • Regulatory/safety certification: UL, CE, FCC, VCCI, C-Tick, TUV-GS, SABS, RoHS, WEEE
  • Hardware warranty: Up to 3-year advance replacement (subject to valid software licensing)
  • Certifications: CIPA compliance, Network Testing Labs Award

Virtual Appliance

Sophos Virtual Web Gateway Appliance
Pre-defined profiles Single User Small Medium Large
Capacity 1 user 500 users 800 users 1,200 users
Recommended CPU 1 2 2 4
Recommended RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Recommended disk storage 41 GB 120 GB 160 GB 250 GB

VMware requirements

  • VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 or 4.x or ESXi 5.x
  • VMware Workstation 6.5 or 7.x

Optional Sophos Management Appliance Models

Centralized management and reporting for all your hardware and virtual web appliances. Available in two hardware models or as a virtual appliance.

SM2000 SM5000
Recommended users Up to 2,000 Up to 15,000
Redundancy N/A Yes
Processor Quad core Quad core
Hard drive 1 TB 2 TB
Power supply Single 100/240V Dual hot-swap 100/240V


We've assembled some product videos to give you basic information on the product.

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Sophos Web Appliance Product Tour

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Sophos Web Gateway Reporting

See how Sophos Web Gateway gives you instant visibility into your users’ web activity without the need for expensive onsite servers.


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