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Sophos Web Gateway WS1100
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Protect and manage your email with Sophos Central

Sophos Email is a secure email gateway engineered to keep businesses safe from all email threats. It simply stops spam (AntiSpam Protection), phishing, malware and data loss and keeps your people productive. And if you want to consolidate protection it lets you control email security alongside endpoint, mobile, web, and wireless protection from Sophos Central’s single interface.

Sophos Secure Email Gateway Box

Instant Proven Protection

Sophos Email works right out of the box with all major email platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google G Suite. The default settings, giving you instant protection for your mailboxes by intercepting all email containing suspicious content, attachments or URLs. Sophos Email uses the latest anti-malware and phishing-detection technology that constantly updates to detect the latest threats.

Simply Secure Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and G Suite

Shifting your email to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to reduce your security. Securing your email server or service with Sophos Email ensures you get trusted email security powered by the SophosLabs global network. And, you get the reassurance of continuity in the event of disruption to Microsoft or Google services.

Say Goodbye to Spam and Unwanted Mail

Sophos Email filtering antispam protection blocks 99% of unwanted email at the gateway and anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks and malicious attachments - quarantining where required. Live updates by SophosLabs power Sophos Email filtering, ensuring you’re protected from the thousands of new threats sent every hour.

Ensure your Email is Always On

When your email server experiences an outage or there’s a disruption to a cloud-based service, Sophos Email automatically queues all incoming mail until the server comes back online. When the service comes back online, all queued mail is delivered, safe and sound. You get automatic alerts, spooling to ensure no mail is ever lost, and an emergency inbox to keep your users productive.

Reporting On-Demand

Simplify your life and view email security status alongside endpoint, mobile, web, and wireless in Sophos Central. The mobile-optimized portal allows email administrators to view dashboard summary information at a glance, or drill down into more detailed reports covering emails scanned, as well as viruses and spam detected.

Advanced Email Protection Made Simple

Get the ultimate in web security, control, and insights. It’s web protection that’s effective, affordable, and easy with lightning performance that won’t slow users down.

Empower users

Free your IT team from user requests - the end user portal lets users access the emergency inbox, setup allow and block lists and release quarantined mail on demand. Inmessage quarantine digests go further, providing a daily summary of quarantined mail, with the option to release email direct from the inbox.

Sophos Email is part of Sophos Central

Simplify your life with a single pane-of-glass for all your security. Sophos Central lets you manage email alongside endpoint, web, wireless, and more all through a single, unified console. You get a single up-to-date, Sophos-hosted platform that’s simple and intuitive. Find out more at

Simple, effective management

Sophos has optimized all the daily workflow routines, not only making them intuitive, but also by streamlining the whole process. A simple slide bar lets you set the content filtering threshold. You are never more than a few clicks away from adjusting a policy or running a report.

Technical Specifications

Sophos Email protects and manages your email in the cloud through Sophos Central.

Browser Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Technical specifications and email server compatibility for Sophos Email services

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 or later
  • Exchange Online/Office 365
  • G Suite from Google Cloud

Support is not limited to just these platforms. If your service is not listed, please check with us to see if your platform can be supported.

Complex Issue - Simple Protection

You get advanced protection from targeted threats and ransomware.

Advanced Protection

Protect your users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams and other incidents. Keep users productive by intercepting all emails containing suspicious content, attachments or URLs.

Sophos Sandstorm

Sophos Sandstorm extends conventional security to enhance ransomware and targeted-attack protection, visibility, and analysis. It complements Sophos Email Appliances to quickly and accurately detect, block, and respond to evasive threats.

Time-of-Click Protection

Time-of-Click protection blocks malicious email URLs to protect against stealthy, spear phishing attacks. Every URL, in every email, is secured. Every time an email link is clicked, on any device, its reputation is checked against our cloud-hosted Sophos SXL database.


Sophos Email Gateway

Hardware Appliance Models

Sophos offers both dedicated and UTM appliance options

Dedicated Sophos Email Appliances

Hardware Appliance Models

ES150 ES1100 ES5000
Message Capacity Up to 120,000/hour Up to 200,000/hour Up to 550,000/hour
Processor ULV Dual core Dual core Quad core
Hard drive 500 GB SATA 250 GB SATA 2 hot-swap 160 GB SAS (RAID 1)
Power supply 260W 100-240V AC 260W 100-240V AC 2 hot-swap 920W 100-240V AC
Mounting 1U rack-mountable 1U rack-mountable 1U rack-mountable
Dimensions 16.8 x 1.7 x 14.0 in (427 x 43 x 356 mm) 16.8 x 1.7 x 14.0 in (427 x 43 x 356 mm) 17.0 x 1.7 x 25.6 in (432 x 43 x 650 mm)
Weight 26 lbs./11.8 kg 26 lbs./11.8 kg 45 lbs./20.5 kg
Regulatory/safety certifications UL 60950, CE, FCC PART 15, VCCI, C-TICK, TUV-GS, SABS, RoHS, WEEE
Support Up to 3-year advance-replacement hardware warranty (subject to valid software licensing)
24/7 Support

Sophos Email Appliance Datasheet

Additional hardware information

  • Installation: 1U rack mount
  • Regulatory/safety certification: UL, CE, FCC, VCCI, C-Tick, TUV-GS, SABS, RoHS, WEEE
  • Hardware warranty: Up to 3-year advance replacement (subject to valid software licensing)

Virtual Appliance

Sophos Virtual Email Appliance
Pre-defined profiles Small Small-Medium Medium Large
Capacity: Approximate number of users 300 1,000 5,000 10,000
Capacity: Messages per hour* 60,000 200,000 400,000 600,000
Recommended CPU 1 2 2 4
Recommended RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
Recommended disk storage 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB

What you need

  • VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 or 4.x or ESXi 5.x
  • VMware Workstation 6.5 or 7.x


We've assembled some product videos to give you basic information on the product.

Sophos Email Appliance Product Tour

In this video, you'll see first hand how Sophos makes email security simple.

Sophos Email Tour

Sophos Email is a cloud-based secure email gateway integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps and more.


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